About CHAdeMO


CHAdeMO is an association that promotes DC fast charging protocol of the same name. Funded in 2010 in Japan it is an international organization with members coming from 27 countries around the world. The Association develops and evolves the CHAdeMO protocol adopting it to new market needs as well as assures the compatibility between the chargers and the EVs. Through its numerous reach-out activities, where we share data and experiences from infrastructure projects globally, CHAdeMO organization encourages the deployment of fast chargers - an indispensable tool to bring about the e-mobility. More information about the association - clic on the logo.

Among CHAdeMO-compatible cars there is the Nissan LEAF, the most sold EV globally, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Citroen Berlingo electric or, the EV that will be used by CHAdeMO team during WAVE, Peugeot Partner electric

A full list of CHAdeMO-chargable cars can be found here.

With almost 4000 chargers deployed around the world, CHAdeMO is the most established fast charging protocol globally. In Europe, the number of charging stations has recently exceeded 1100 and does not stop growing. 

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