the TEAM

CHAdeMO participation at the WAVE is unique - and not only because it is the first time that the association joins an international rally. It is also because CHAdeMO’s team is the first 100% ladies team that has ever joined the WAVE rally [according to the organizer]. Thus, not only will we be promoting fast charging, but also (and proudly) breaching male-female-mobility stereotypes. 
The two ladies in question are members of the same family, with one joining as a CHAdeMO employee and the other as a volunteer. A seasoned driver of combustion engine cars Jola is combining forces with a slightly less seasoned, but nevertheless very enthusiastic electric car driver Natalia. Because France is the association’s European homeland, the team, although neither of the ladies is French, shall participate as a team from France. 

1/2 of CHAdeMO WAVE team in front of a CHAdeMO-coloured EV

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