jeudi 17 avril 2014

We are joining the WAVE!

EV rallies and fast charging go very well together. The first brings with it many cars that are energy-thirsty and the second enables those cars to charge in a short time, reducing the wating time and number of charge points needed.
WAVE will not be our first rally - we have already had a EV rally baptism of fire last year, where CHAdeMO-coloured team participated in the Tour Poitou Charentes in the South West of France. Covering 350km as part of the rally and 650km from Rennes to the start of the rally and back was a real challenge (read more here), but a very enjoyable one. It gave us the taste of what an EV rally brings and also made us realise the value of going out to the world, the EV drivers and users of CHAdeMO, sharing the range anxiety (sometimes), the joy of easy charing (most of the time) and the pleasure of electric drive (always).

CHAdeMO Team having a charging pause on their way to Poitiers, the start of the rally.
WAVE, the most famous EV rally in Europe and the longest running was a natural choice for us for the next rally adventure.Since the Association does not own EVs, nor charging stations, we shall rely on good hearts of our members to lend us what we need. With EVTEC providing us with one of their portable 22kW charger and Peugeot Suisse we are well set already.

 The team will be 50% the same as for the Tour Poitou Charentes but ... more on that in the next post!

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