dimanche 18 mai 2014

Charging the WAVE

Although not a supporting team, but an actual participant, CHAdeMO Team will have a supporting role to play during the WAVE. As a fast charging association should, we will be providing a charging assistance to the rally. Armed with an EVTEC portable charger we will fast charge ourselves (or rather, our Peugeot Partner Electric), supporting vehicles and, if the time allows, the vehicles of other participants over 2000km of the WAVE. 

The 20kW power hidden in this innocent looking device provides for 80% of charge in less than 40 min and all it needs is an industrial CE plug (red with 5 pins) to work, thus it’s a practical solution for extending the range of our EV 100% electrically, especially when you need to be able to move it around and do not have a 50kW electricity connection. The 65 kg charger will travel in our booth and shall be taken out (in the spirit of collaboration, i.e. combining the muscle force of our team with that of others, or so we hope!) whenever possible, charging as many as possible.

The characteristics of the charger:

  • AC input voltage 400 VAC ±10% (nominal 400 VAC)
  • DC output voltage 250 - 420 VDC, current 0 A - 60 A
  • efficiency 95% at 50% load, 94% at 100% load
  • power factor >0,99 at >50% load
  • integrated Ground Fault Detection
  • residual current and over current circuit breaker
  • CHAdeMO protocol Rev 0.9

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