samedi 31 mai 2014

Wave Day 1 - report

We knew day one was to be a big day weeks before it actually happened. Stuttgart was going to attempt to break a Guinness record for the biggest EV parade in the world and Wave teams were to form the core of it. We all gathered together by the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Once everyone was in place and following a couple of welcoming speeches we were all ready to go. A very impressive parade of (now we know) 507 electric vehicles traveled around the city and CHAdeMO's Peugeot Partner was among them. 

Once the parade was finished we all got to a huge car park to build a ... Giant heart made from electric cars!

Feeling very proud, a CHAdeMO-coloured car participaded as a very base of the heart. 

The parade and the heart were a great success. We not only beat the world record, but also built an amazing, electric heart. All this was filmed by a drone. 
(See the drone right above the car).

After the successful parade we headed for  Schondorf, a birthplace of the inventor Gotlib Daimler, one of the founders of Daimler (car manufacturer). We fast charged our partner and provided a badly needed fast charge top up to 'Gotlib' team, that arrived at this interim destination with only 5km of range left (!).

We also learnt that our car is a big attraction not only because of it's special looks and a fast charger that it carries on board, but because of a boot that is unmatched in size by other EVs. And so it now serves as an emergency storage and baggage transporter, providing a much needed service to overloaded EVs of some Wavers. 

 A guided tour by town's very own impersonation of Gotlib Daimler (who very much enjoyed a CHAdeMO badge:) and a charge later, we were ready to take upon us the hilly part of Schwarzwald.

At 17:56 we arrived well and without any problems, having covered 75km and with 50% of the battery left, at Wolpertshausen, final destination for the day. Now we are resting and looking forward to tomorrow!

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