mardi 3 juin 2014

Wave Day 3

Oh what a day. The day before we arrived in Garching, and were to be hosted by the Technical University of Munich and the city of Garching.the day started well. Before we even had breakfast, our charger was already in motion charging an EV that desperately needed some juice. The Leaf that a day earlier made 212km on a single charge as part of the range competition was completely empty  because of an overnight electricity problem. We were happy to provide the charge.

Then, another team, Watt-Wrum, and their Leaf in need came to us to ask for a charge. We were happy to oblige. 

After, we left for Schwangau, a Bavarian City famous for its castle. As the distance was 131 km we opted for charging mid way, at Vitali's (one of Wave staff) workshop. 

We only did a 15min to up but it gave us a peace of mind and made for an easy trip. Once arrived in Schwangau we still had about 30km of range. And that's were the adventures started. Even before our arrival we were called upon by one of the teams asking for a charge. 
And the moment we arrived we were greeted by a group of people all wanting CHAdeMO. 

We made a list of 9 (!) cars that established priority and gave 20 min of CHAdeMO charge to each team. Half way through the charging, we were faced with a technical issue with a connector. Luckily, we were surrounded by technology specialists and e-mobility DIY experts, the problem was very quickly resolved and the charger was back to work. 

All in all we charged 7 cars, including our own. The appreciation was so big, that we even got flowers from one of the teams.

We were so busy running the charging that we had no time to Tweet about it! And as CHAdeMO charger carriers we were the last ones to depart to Ofterschwang. 
3km from the final destination we came to a halt - a road was closed for reparations and we had to find a way round it. We asked local firemen for help. 

In the end it was nit the firemen but our own GPS that saved us. We did have to add 8km to the total and were happy that we still had it in the battery! On the way to the hotel we gathered another 2 Wave. Cars and passed one that had to stop at a local farm to get some power, because it was unable to do the additional 8km. We arrived at 21:30 with 19km of autonomy left, ate (other teams made sure there is food for us) and went to bed. It was a very adventurous day indeed. 
What will today bring? 

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