mercredi 4 juin 2014

Wave Day 4

3rd day of the Wave went past under the theme of charging. 4th, on the other hand, was all about visiting very special places. We started by crossing the mountains at the highest car-accessible point in Germany, at over 1400 above the sea level.
Beautiful views and winded roads were with us for about 50km. And although climbing up the mountains ate a lot of our battery, we were able recuperate a lot of it while going down. 

After, we arrived in a school were school children were judging our looks: the colour, the design and the decoration of our EV. 

Then another short stop in Begrenz where e-mobility conference was being held and we were off to the highlight of the day - a visit to a Zeppelin factory. All 80 Wave teams gathered in a huge hangar but even this gathering of the cars was not enough to overshadow the enormous Zeppelin towering over all of us. 

We charged, took Wave photos, ate and were off again, heading for a Bodensee ferry crossing. All Wave vehicles were packed onto a specially ordered ferry, probably the first time in the history of that ferry company that it was transporting cars, but not a single one of them had a combustion engine motor. 

Beautiful views, wonderful breeze, both our EV and it's pilots felt very much rejuvenated afterwords. And the day still wasn't finished.
Leaving the ferry behind we went into the Harbour in Konstanz, parked our EVs by the lake and joined the special e-mobility event organised for the occasion of welcoming the Wave. 

1h later we were off again, this time to the Islamd of Mainau. Island's very owner, Contess Bernadette, greeted us upon the entry. 

The day finished with a presentation by Chris Paine, the director of 'who killed an electric car'.
Day 4 was so light back that the only car that we charged with a CHAdeMO charger was ourselves! But that was to change on day 5 (coming as a next post).

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