jeudi 24 avril 2014

Peugeot Partner Electric - driving CHAdeMO to the WAVE

CHAdeMO Association itself does not own EVs nor charging stations and therefore for events such as rallies we have to rely on the good heart of our members to lend us what we need, i.e. vehicles and charging stations. This time, our benefactors come from Switzerland. Peugeot Swiss is lending us their electric Partner and EVTEC is providing their portable charger.

Are you wondering what is it like, this new electric Partner?  Here are the basic details:

Peugeot Partner electric from the front and from the back

Name: Peugeot Partner Electric
Category: LDV (LCV)
Number of seats: 3
Motor: 42kW
Battery: 22,5 kWh
Autonomy: 120 km
Maximal speed: 110 km/h
Weight: 575g
Charging time: 30 min for 80% (CHAdeMO); 6-12h (at home/ in the office)

Partner with CHAdeMO connector plugged in

Among Europe’s top selling cars, Peugeot Partner is now available as a 100% electrically powered vehicle. Great load volume combined with modern looks make it a great car for professionals + it emits 0 CO2 and similarly 0 particles*. Eco-driving control systems enable the reduction of energy consumption while driving and thus serve help increase the real-life autonomy. At the WAVE the spacious Partner will transport not only the CHAdeMO WAVE team and their luggage, but also the portable CHAdeMO charger so the big trunk will serve us well. European-made (produced in Vigo, Spain), 

It can have a CHAdeMO charging as an option and can also be charged at home at a wallbox or with a cable for  ocasional charging using a normal socket. 

Peugeot Partner electric take 3
*that’s not including the production of the vehicle and the production of the energy

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